Back to the Future

I miss my family. It’s been nearly a week that I’ve been in Toronto. It has been the longest I’ve been away from our family since we’ve made that move from Brooklyn to the Bay Area. It feels like a time warp setting up LCD screens, computers, and moving cases from the aisle and making sure everything is working as planned. This is the work that I did back in the day before the consistent programming work. I’m grateful for the opportunity to get some cash but I also appreciate the chance to see the opportunity. If you haven’t had the chance to experience life on the road setting up trade shows, then it makes you look at going to various cities less as an adventure and more of a specialized job.

Overall, it’s still a great experience but there is always the missing; of wife and kid. I’m in hotel and it’s quiet; without interruption and headphones on. I’m writing out ideas, developing new software, and making a master plan that involves promoting my skill set, experience, and insight. I’m not undervaluing my worth and it feels pretty damn good. With Nightmare on Wax pumping though the headphones and the Sun making an appearance every 15 minutes or so I’m feeling the spark of a new adventure.

I’ve been on the show floor and running into old colleges and dropping not just hints but the fact that I’m seeking work in the interactive programming and technical directing field. That was my work world before and after the ice cream business.  When I look around other the booths and check out their content I know that I can produce better content with more ROI.

Additionally for the on-site technician, I can see that some of the processes haven’t improved  over the years. This observation has given me some ideas for some specialized software that can help the on-site tech as well as the tech company that supports the end client. I’m reminded that simplicity is beauty and there is no reason why that should not be considered in the design of even utility applications. I realize that I do care about the UI/UX experience even for the tech. That’s where I started and that’s where my heart is.

Stay tuned for more…

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