Controlling the Light, part 2

My introduction to DMX and controlling light really started back in the late 90’s. I was working as the Interactive Operations Manager at the flagship Warner Bros. Studio Store. I got a chance to see how an Electronic Theater Control (ETC) playback unit worked.

Back to One

During the heart of winter, I finally made the switch to using Next.js coupled with a Strapi, a headless content management system (CMS), and deployed to a DigitalOcean droplet (a virtual server). I designed the frontend site. I built the backend CMS, and deployed to a server that I provisioned and configured. I was…

Controlling the Light, part 1

At the start of any project, I review the requirements and ask questions. What is the playback device? Does it require an online content management system? Is there anything unique about this application? From time to time, there are projects that require learning a new skill or discovering some technology that will make this work within the project's demand.


Unity + BrightSign, part 1

I love the idea of a BrightSign, a small device without the overhead of Windows to drive some interactive content. I did some simple tests and gave the OK to use these as playback devices for a number of projects for this installation. In Unity, the ease was to switch platforms from Standalone to WebGL simply by clicking a button (sort of).


Bonsai Start

I was there at the Minnesota Bonsai Society novice spring class. There were dozens of trees and this one spoke to me. In a cycle of searching, pruning, wiring, uncertainty, and just running out of time, I arrived at the end of this session. Did I cut too much? Did I remove the right branches?, Does this make sense? What did I just do?

At Home with Category 6, part 2

The right tool for the job. That phrase is a core principle in my work and home. Sometimes I’ll explore workarounds and “creative” solutions, but when it comes to any kind of construction it is best to use the right tool. Ultimately, you will save money, time, and have better results.

Ethernet crimping

At Home with Category 6, part 1

If only I had known. It had been years since I…

Headless & Decoupled CMS

It's been over a year. I've been searching for…

Happiness with Unity’s Cinemachine

Once I dug into the Cinemachine tool, just after…

Suggestions for the Event Software Developer

There is no better time than to observe…

idc featured

My First Code

My first bit of coding wasn’t a webpage…

Under Pressure or Slow & Low

I have two tools in my arsenal to…

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