Headless & Decoupled CMS


It’s been over a year. I’ve been searching for the right decoupled Content Management System (CMS); avoiding the obvious and exploring the limited open-source systems out in the wild world of the internet. During this time, I’ve gotten my feet wet in the DevOps pool and venturing in exploring Node.js and app deployment to Amazon Web Services.

What is the obvious? If I were to say “More than 25% of websites on the internet run on this system (including this one).” You would know, right? WordPress is the answer. For a creative tech, some times we want to go to the edge, only to realize we should just sit down and work with what we know.

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Back to the Future

I miss my family. It’s been nearly a week that I’ve been in Toronto. It has been the longest I’ve been away from our family since we’ve made that move from Brooklyn to the Bay Area. It feels like a time warp setting up LCD screens, computers, and moving cases from the aisle and making sure everything is working as planned. This is the work that I did back in the day before the consistent programming work. I’m grateful for the opportunity to get some cash but I also appreciate the chance to see the opportunity. If you haven’t had the chance to experience life on the road setting up trade shows, then it makes you look at going to various cities less as an adventure and more of a specialized job.

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